Happy New Year

First off I would like to wish all our customers a Happy New Year! Last year was an interesting year as far as weather goes. Started out exceptionally wet with quite a bit of flooding and then sometime around late summer it turned off really dry. It seems like a dry winter in Kansas makes for a nice winter. Hardly seems like winter though.

Fertilizer Program Quotes

Like always it probably seems way too early to be thinking about lawns and that sort of thing but for us its time. I will be sending out quotes for our 2020 Fertilizer Program. There are not really any new or big changes this year. If you care to pre-pay those will be due Jan 31. We will be offering a 4% pre-pay discount. If you choose not to pre-pay it will be the normal price and we will leave an invoice at the time of service.

Not to Early

Also do not be surprised to see us applying the first application sometime here in January. There isn’t any negative to spreading the first application this early. It always seems like we have quite a bit of nice weather in January and we wait for February, to start applying, and February through April is not very nice weather so we get off to a late start.

Want to Overseed

If you have an area that you would like overseeded, please let us know, before we spread this first application. This application will stop and prevent all grass seed germination, so any seed that is put down this spring won’t come up.

Don’t Like Us

If you are dissatisfied with our service or have moved please email windyridgelawn@gmail.com or send a text to (316)835-0343 and let us know that you know longer need our services. We will continue to service your lawn unless otherwise notified.