2017 Newletter

Crabgrass preventer

It always seems early to start but we are starting to spread crabgrass preventer with fertilizer. This year we are spreading 13-0-0 with about 1/2 of the crabgrass preventer needed for the year. Next application we will spray the remaining 1/2. The reason we do this is to try to get better control on the crabgrass. Crabgrass preventer is a pre-emergent chemical that stops the crabgrass seed from germinating. That is one reason we try to get in on quite early in the spring. On the sunny south side of brick houses or on a south facing hillside, the soil temperature can be much warmer than the rest of your lawn. Especially so with all the 60 to 70 degree days we have been having.

Split Application

Back to the split application, a little more explanation. The way crabgrass preventer works is, it only takes about 1/2 the yearly rate to stop the crabgrass seed from germinating. The remaining 1/2 that we put on stays in the soil and keeps all the seeds that would germinate through out the year, from germinating. So we do the split app in case we leave any skippers we are less likely to skip the same area twice. It gives us about 6 weeks longer control by doing 1/2 now and 1/2 with the second application. This application also keeps good grass seed from germinating also so that is why it is difficult and not recommended to do spring overseeding.

New Face

We have a new face at Windy Ridge Lawn Care.  Eric Koehn will be doing a lot if not all the spraying and fertilizing.  This is exciting for me.  Many of you have expressed some dismay that you have a hard time communicating with me. I am hoping this will help change that.  I hopefully will have more time to help you with your problems.  Texting is an excellent way to get my attention, also email. Feel free to let me know if you have concerns about your lawn service.   Looking forwards to working with you this year!